Treading the Boards!

My first venture into the world of music-theatre began in 1988 with a commission to co-write, and perform in, 'O'er The Hills' - the story of Northumbrian piper Jamie Allan. This piece also featured Kathryn Tickell and was the beginning of an ongoing association not only with Kathryn (with whom I have performed many times, both live and on her albums), but with the whole world of music-theatre itself. 

Serious involvement in music-theatre performing and composing began in 1990 with the TNT Theatre Company - still co-producing today with the American Drama Group Europe - whose show 'The Wizard of Jazz' enjoyed tremendous success in Leningrad (at The Comedy Theatre) and Munich (at the Biennale Festival) in April 1990. One of their most exciting music-theatre pieces, it received great critical acclaim at the 1992 Tokyo International Theatre Festival with further performances as part of the Stuttgart International Garden Festival during 1993 and a successful ten week German tour in 1994 as well as a four week tour in the Highlands of Scotland.
From those early shows I have had a continual involvement with the company as a composer - and occasional performer! In no particular order, as many of the shows have toured numerous times in many different countries and continents, here are the productions I've helped to create:

Peter Pan
Le Petit Prince (in French)
The Canterville Ghost
Much Ado About Nothing
Brave New World
Gulliver's Travels
Jekyll & Hyde
Dinner For One (coupled with our original 'Breakfast For Three' sequel)
La Casa De Bernada Alba (in Spanish)
Don Quixote (in Spanish)
A Midsummer Night's Dream
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Death of a Salesman
The Mystery of Edgar Allan Poe
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Harold & Maude
Fahrenheit 451
Lord of the Flies (with an all-girl cast. This also was performed in Spanish in Costa Rica and Equador)
The Crucible
Moby Dick
Brave New World
Half Broke Horses
Many Voices
A few audio samples:
La Casa De Bernada Alba    Don Quixote    Much Ado About Nothing    One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest    Dorian Gray   
A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Death Of A Salesman  Lord Of The Flies    Gulliver's Travels   Brave New World    Fahrenheit 451    
   Many Voices    The Mystery Of Edgar Allan Poe    Half Broke Horses   Le Petit Prince