I've played many festival and club gigs with the legendary Sven Van Hees. The concert with with Sven at the BLUE NOTE FESTIVAL (Gent) in 2006 was a great success, and my first time using the new Hammond XK3 System in a major performance. Check out his site:




Here are a couple of clips from the Blue Note performance

1. Dracula's Groove (you can't see me but Lexy is better looking...)

2. Kundalinii (the Indian organ sound is also the Hammond!)

3. Summertime (finally, you can see the XK3 for a couple of seconds)


and a couple from other gigs.

(These are quite large swf files so you'll need Shockwave or Flash player installed):

4. BeBop, Leuven

5. Panama Club, Amsterdam

6. Nijdrop

7. Opwijk Soundcheck