Projects and Collaborations

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Dark Matter is a short film that explores the inner landscape of this great villainess and her vivid story. Presented as an artistic work, the film seeks to reveal the mayhem and intensity of an obsessive nature, where deep desires manifest as demonic forces drawing the Lady on to her inevitable disintegration. The narrative is carried through the interplay of expressionist figurative scenes, abstract textured imagery and powerful music. 

This is a wonderful collaboration with Gail Sixsmith. In her words:

"Dark Matter is a deeply personal film, inspired by the long term relationship I have had with the role of Lady Macbeth; having played her to International audiences throughout the world over many years. The film is a twisted Gothic visual poem, one that reflects a subjective view of a classical flawed heroine". The original score for the film is by acclaimed International composer and musician Paul Flush. Interior Film shot by Imraan Ismail. Production Stills by Mela. Other imagery by Gail Sixsmith. 

In this project my trio Ménage Artois collaborated with the Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles chamber orchestra to perform a three movement piece by the imaginative Belgian composer Stéphane Collin.

Charles Loos - Piano
Luc Vanden Bosch - Drums
Paul Flush - Hammond Organ

Stéphane Collin - Composer and Orchestration

Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles

Click the image to listen on YouTube. The project tracks are 2, 3 and 4 but listen to the others as well. Perhaps even buy the CD...

Soetkin Baptist

Soetkin Baptist presents Que Désire, following the celebrated performances of Soetkin Made in France. Delving into the fragile, yet vigorous, established and hidden French Chansons, she never loses sight of its authenticity. Soetkin yearns for the listener to be moved by this beautiful music as deeply as it relates to her.

She is joined by accomplished musicians Aline Goffin on vocals, Bert Candries on guitar and bass, Luc Vanden Bosch on percussion and Paul Flush on piano and Hammond organ.


Fire and Brimstone, created for the Hexham Abbey Festival back in 1989. This music and poetry piece, about the life of painter John Martin (1789 - 1854), was written by poets Keith Armstrong and Linda France. Music was by Paul Flush and the singer was Joan McKay.

The only recording is from our rehearsals in Hexham but you can hear the whole piece by clicking on the image.


Tony Christie Live at the V-Fest

2005 was a memorable year for Tony Christie, myself as his musical director, and all the musicians involved in an amazingly successful tour. Apart from playing all the main UK venues, including the Royal Albert Hall, we got to appear on Top of the Pops, Queenmania and even in an episode of Emmerdale! My favourite has to be the two concerts we played at the famous V-Fest – 70,000 people joining in on Hey Jude was an unforgettable moment. This clip from the DVD is of the Lennon & McCartney medley we were playing on the tour.

Great singer, great band, having a great time.


This DVD double album is still available commercially - if you like this clip you'll love the rest. Buy it! :-)