Here's the Hammond being used in a couple of different situations. I'll add more as time allows.



These are a couple of tracks with Kathryn Tickell on Northumbrian Pipes recorded live at the Brosella Jazz Festival in Brussels. Johan Vandendriessche on sax/drums, Frank Michiels on percussion. The Hammond works with any line up!

1. Bonny Pit Lad (Tickell)

2. In A Silent Way/Raincheck (Miles Davis/Tickell)

3. The Keel Row (trad.)


This is part of a series of experimental improvisations that I recorded a couple of years back. Johan, Frank and I set up in the studio and just began to play. Some interesting stuff came out - and some not so interesting...

1. Rodenbach Experiment 2

It's quite a long track (even after editing!) but listen out for the Hammond through the Sherman Filter.



I've just bought one of the fabulous Hammond-Suzuki XK3 systems, complete with the new Leslie 21 setup. I made a couple of tracks for Hammond-Suzuki to show how I use it and these will be featured on their new website coming in September. This organ really is a true instrument in its own right and for me, that is the main consideration - the weight saving is nice, too! Here's one track to listen to, also featuring the much underused (in my opinion) Melodica.

1. Green Green Grass of Home