Kendal Music


I have been interested in computer aided printing of music since its early introduction onto PCs,

and Kendal Music now has 10 years experience in producing high quality music from hand-written copies.


These are some of the customers who have been impressed with the quality and price from Kendal Music: 


Victoria College of Music, London - exam papers and performance pieces, scale books, singing exercises;

Contemporary Music Centre, Dublin - competition works for piano;

Warwick Music - contemporary trombone music;

Folkworks - song sampler, ceilidh pack;

Northern Voices - mining songs;

BonsorPacks - childrens' recorder music;

DeeAy Music Scotland - traditional accordion music.



2012 will see the publication of my own compositions for Trombone and Piano.

This music has been performed by myself and internationally acclaimed trombonist John Kenny

at the Composers Union in Moscow, the Kouhmo Chamber Music Festival in Finland,

the Megaron in Athens, and for the British Trombone Association.

These short pieces, although composed, also have optional sections for improvisation,with a few hints for

those players who don't normally improvise. It is possible that a CD of the piano accompaniment will be

available for trombonists without access to pianists.


For information on any of the above please Email: